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Purple Chuck E.'s Play Band inside packaging.

Chuck E.'s Play Band is an alternative to the Chuck E.'s Play Pass card system. It functions exactly the same as a regular Play Pass card, but the form it is in is of a wristband,

The Play Band was introduced in 2018, two years after the Play Pass was introduced in 2016.


While not much history is known about the Play Band, it can be determined just by it's existence that CEC Entertainment, Inc. had possibly been planning to release an alternative to their Chuck E.'s Play Pass system, which was introduced two years prior, in 2016.


When a player walks up to a game (i.e. Skee-Ball), they tap the circle with the large star in the middle on to the Play Pass reader. The light will then shine green if play is accepted, and red if it is not ready to start play, or the player has insufficient funds (Play Points / Play Time).