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Chuck E.'s Middle Name is an original song released in 2021.


Ronnie: Welcome back to Championship Chuck E. Challenge, Team Make-Believe! You're advanced into our final round and the chance to take home our grand prize! Are you ready to play?
Team Make-Believe: Yes, we're here!""
Ronnie: All right. Munch, as team representative this final question goes to you. You may talk amongst yourselves but please, no help from the audience. Two minutes on the clock.
Munch: Oh boy...
Ronnie: Mr. Munch, here's your question for our grand prize. A year worth of of Chuck E, Cheese pizza, a year-long unlimited Play Pass, and one medium drink. Good with purchase. What is Chuck E. Cheese's middle name?
Munch: Oh, it seems like I know this.
Jasper: What do you think, Munch?
Munch: Hmm... The question put before us is regarding Chuck E.'s middle name, the answer will determine if we win or lose this little game, if we can list a list of words beginning with the letter E and that between the four of us will come up with me cleverly.
Team Make-Believe And that between the four of us will come up with me cleverly.
Munch: Umm, let's see here, what could it be? Perhaps it's Education for the things it's always teaching us.
Helen: Or maybe it's Empathic for the way he's always reaching us.
Pasqually: Or how about Excercise because he lifts the weight so mightily.
Jasper: I don't know Pasqually, that just doesn't seem quite right to me, but maybe it's Endearing for the way he is so dear to us.
Helen: Or possibly Enduring because he's there year after year for us.
Pasqually: Perhaps it's Examination for the way he is so studious.
Munch: I really am embarrassed that that the answer is eluding us.
Team Make-Believe: We really are embarrassed that the answer is eluding us.
Ronnie: One minute left.
Munch: Oh boy... Umm... I think it might be Energy because he has a lot of it.
Pasqually: Or maybe it's Enormous except he's exactly opposite.
Helen: Or maybe it's Enlightened for the wisdom that he's showing us.
Jasper I hate to say it, Helen but I think that is erroneous, but possibly it's Edgy for the way he pushes boundaries.
Helen: Maybe Evolution, did you see him in the 70s?
Pasqually: I guess it could be Envelope for all the letters that he sends.
Jasper: It's so exasperated that the answer is endevident.
Team Make-Believe: We're so exasperated that the answer is endevident.
Ronnie: 30 seconds to go.
Munch: Oh no... Aah! I think it might be Emo.
Jasper: No, he doesn't seem that dark to me, perhaps it might be Element.
Helen: He's not that into chemistry, or maybe it is Engineer.
Pasqually: I've never seen him on a train, but maybe it is Epic.
Team Make Believe: Oh no, please let's not do that again.
Helen: Guess it could be Emu or Electric or Emotion.
Pasqually: Or maybe it is Elephant or Eggplant or Explosion.
Jasper: Or maybe it's Emoji like text he sent me yesterday.
Munch: We're running out of time, so I'm just going to take a guess and say.
Team Make-Believe: We're almost out of time, so he's just going to take a guess and say.
Munch: E.........sophagus!
Chuck E.: Really, Munch? Chuck Esophagus Cheese?
Munch: Ugh... Is that not it?
Chuck E.: No. My middle name is Entertainment.
Munch: Entertainment?
Chuck E.: Well, yeah. My middle name is Entertainment for the way I dance and sing, my middle name is Entertainment for the fun I always bring, it's Entertainment for the great activities we get to do, but mostly it's my middle name cause I love entertaining you, but mostly it's my middle name cause I love entertaining you.
Munch: But wait! That cannot be your middle name!
Jasper: We get it, Chuck. You're very entertaining.
Helen: Personally, I kinda liked Emo Chuck.
Pasqually Yeah, and he looked cute in his little engineer hat.
Chuck E.: No guys, my middle name really is Entertainment.
Munch: Next you're gonna tell me your first name is really Charles.
Chuck E.: Actually, Chuck is short for Charles.
Munch: Oh Charles. I feel like I don't even know you. It can't be Charles, right. It's not Charles. That- That's crazy.


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