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Chico Cheese was a Brazilian rip-off of Chuck E. Cheese's. Chico Cheese opened in 1993 at Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro. It closed around 2000 due to a midnight fire that burned down the restaurant.


Chico Cheese was the mascot of Chico Cheese, as he was the name of the place. Two different designs of Chico were in the restaurant.

The first version had a large and round tan head, tan fur, large eyes with small black pupils, no irises, large, circular tan ears, short black eyebrows, a wide tan snout, a black nose, and two large upper teeth. This version also wore a red shirt with a large yellow "C" on it and white shirt cuffs along with jeans.

The second version had a very large and round grey head, grey fur, large eyes with black pupils, no irises, large, circular grey ears with tan insides, short black eyebrows, a grey snout, a large black nose, and two small upper teeth. This version also wore a red vest with yellow sleeves, a golden undershirt, and orange pants.

Chico Cheese also had 3 animatronic characters. These were a fox, a dog, and a beaver.


Chico Cheese was a Brazilian pizzeria that was heavily inspired by Chuck E Cheese. It was founded by two men, one Brazilian, and one American. The American introduced Chuck E. Cheese to the Brazilian Market, and both men wanted to bring Chuck E. Cheese legally over to Brazil. However, they couldn't because it was too expensive. They still had a desire to create a Chuck E. Cheese, so in 1993 at "Barra da Tijuca" in "Rio de Janeiro", Chico Cheese was founded. It was a pizzeria with an arcade area, a playground, and a band of animatronics. The animatronics were not made by them though. 2 of the animatronics were members of "Bubba & the Badland Band", being Miss Foxy and Bucky T. Barnum, while the other one was a member of "Daniel and Dixie Diggers", being Colonel Beaufort T. Beauregard the III. The bots were made by Sally Corporation. In the beginning of the 2000s, there was a fire during midnight which burned the pizzeria down. Today the place that belonged to Chico Cheese is a hospital.


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