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Chico C., also known as Chico Cheese, was a rip-off Chuck E. Cheese Character. He was retired in 2000.


Chico Cheese was the mascot of the rip-off Chuck E. Cheese's, Chico Cheese. Chico Cheese served as the mascot from 1993 - 2000. Over these 7 years Chico had two different designs present in the store.


Two different designs of Chico were in the restaurant.

The first version had a large and round tan head, tan fur, large eyes with small black pupils, no irises, large, circular tan ears, short black eyebrows, a wide tan snout, a black nose, and two large upper teeth. This version also wore a red shirt with a large yellow "C" on it and white shirt cuffs along with jeans.

The second version had a very large and round grey head, grey fur, large eyes with black pupils, no irises, large, circular grey ears with tan insides, short black eyebrows, a grey snout, a large black nose, and two small upper teeth. This version also wore a red vest with yellow sleeves, a golden undershirt, and orange pants.


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