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Cheesy Things is a short that was first released in Show TBA.


The short begins with Chuck E. Cheese walking in on Pasqually doing something. Curious to what he's doing, he asks, with Pasqually telling Chuck that someone from another dimension is communicating with him through Christmas lights. The person requests Pizza, and it must be delivered through a portal, so Pasqually sends Chuck E. to deliver it. Chuck E. then enters the portal, to a strange world, and suddenly he hears someone, it's Ronnie the Unicorn! Ronnie introduces Chuck E. to a world called the "Cheesy Side". Chuck E. then asks Ronnie if he knew anything about the pizzas, and Ronnie tells Chuck E. he's the one who ordered them. Then a character called "Seventy-Seven" walks in, Ronnie notices and then tells them to give the pizzas to "Cheesy Gordon". Ronnie then explains that if Cheesy Gordon doesn't get cheesy things, he gets angry. Chuck E. Cheese decides to then leave, with the short ending as Ronnie and Seventy face the screen with silence.



  • This short is a parody of Stranger Things.
  • Part of the short, "Counting Sheep" is briefly shown in a flashback.
    • In fact, just like in "Counting Sheep", when Chuck E. forgot Ronnie's name, Ronnie forgets Chuck E.'s name in this short.