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Charlie Cheese's Pizza Playhouse was the Australian version of Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre that lasted from March 1981 until 1984-1986. Only two locations were opened, both in the state of Queensland, one in Surfer's Paradise and one in Carina.

Charlie Cheese's Pizza Playhouse is notable as the only time Chuck E. Cheese would ever expand to Australia, as well as being the first country Chuck E. Cheese would be introduced outside of the United States (The first PTT in Canada would open in October 1981, 7 months after the Surfer's Paradise location).


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Surfer's Paradise, Queensland (March 1981 - 1982)[]


Carina / Carindale, Queensland (1982-1984/1986)[]


  • Charlie Cheese merchandise does exist, and there is in fact a plush toy with Velcro hands that is extremely rare.
  • The Grundy's location had a unique mix between The Shelf and Balcony Stage setup, with Munch and Pasqually having doors, and the stage itself looking like a block of Cheese. The Carina location had a traditional Balcony Stage.