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This is a list of the characters from the restaurant Chuck E. Cheese.


Image Title Description
Chuck E..jpg Chuck E. Cheese Charles Entertainment Cheese, best known by Chuck E. Cheese or The Big C, is the mascot for Chuck E. Cheese's. He is a skater mouse who sports purple and green clothing, who is fun-loving and a friendly pizza lover. He was originally a cocky rat in a red derby hat and vest who performed onstage with the other Pizza Time Players, but mellowed out after Concept Unification to a friendlier rat in a tuxedo. During the mid-90s, he became a sports-playing mouse who began going on adventures in the Awesome Adventure Machine. Today, he is the star of the Studio C show onstage alone with the other characters on TV, live via satellite.
RockstarHelenJump.jpg Helen Henny Helen Henny is a chicken who is the main singer (besides Chuck E) in the shows. She is a young hen with golden hair feathers, playing the role of a spunky teenage cheerleader. She originally began as a hippie goose-like chicken playing a guitar, then was replaced by other guest stars. She became on the permanent guest list after 1984, during the merge with Showbiz Pizza Place. She became a young cheerleader in a black jumper and purple skirt during Concept Unification, due to the appeal that Mitzi gave girls. She does many solos in the show tapes today, being the only female in the show.
Munch wave 0714.png Mr. Munch Mr. Munch, also known as the Purple Pizza Eater, is a purple monster character who leads Munch's Make Believe Band, and plays a keyboard. He was the replacement for Crusty the Cat in 1978, who stole the pizzas. He had a scratchy voice, which turned into a deeper voice in 1990. He doesn't wear clothes in most of his earliest appearances, but most artwork today gives him an orange t-shirt, green pants, and green sneakers. His species is actually unknown, though he is depicted as a purple monster. Some Chuck E. Cheese's customers think he is a dinosaur due to his similar appearance of Barney the Dinosaur, an alien, or a Grimace knockoff.
JSP.png Jasper T. Jowls Jasper T. Jowls, originally known as Billy Banjo Boggs, is a hound dog character. He was originally a crazy dog playing a banjo and was also one of the first Pizza Time Players from 1977. He mellowed out to become a country dog playing an electric guitar designed to look like cheese. His appearance hasn't changed much over time, except he had dog wrinkles and a sweater. Today, he wears a cowhide shirt and jeans.
Rockstar Pasqually.png Pasqually Pasqually P. Pieplate, simply known as Pasqually, is the stereotypical Italian pizza chef, as well as the drummer for Munch's Make Believe Band. He appeared at the first store, announcing the pizza orders, then he was onstage in 1980 playing a squeezebox. He became the host of "Pasqually's Amateur Hour" during the 1990s, and occasionally today, where he tells jokes behind a brick wall. He has curly hair, a large mustache, a tablecloth checkerboard pattern shirt or a blue shirt, an apron, black or tan jeans, and tennis shoes.