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Character Themes are songs that are dedicating one member of Munch's Make Believe Band per song. 3 were heard on Show 3 2019, one was played on Show 4 2019, and the final one was played on Show 5 2019. And finally, they were all played together on Show 1 2020.


  • It's Chuck E.
  • Ooh Helen Henny
  • He's Mr. Munch
  • Jasper T. Jowls
  • Oh, Oh Pasqually


It's Chuck E.![]

Who's our favorite mouse of all?

Who can bring big fun even though he's small?

Who's the leader of the band?

Who can make a birthday party greatest in the land?

(Chuck E. Cheese)

He's bringing good times and fun your way,

And he's hoping everybody has a Chuck E. Day.

(Chuck E. Day)

His middle name is Entertainment,

And he's so ready to party he just can't contain it.

It's Chuck E.,

It's Chuck E.,

It's Chuck E.,

Chuck-a-chuck-a-chuck E. Cheese.

It's Chuck E.,


It's Chuck E.,


It's Chuck E.,

Chuck-a-chuck-a-chuck E. Cheese (2x)

Chuck E.: Have a Chuck E. Day! (Laughs)

Ooh Helen Henny[]

Oh Helen Henny, she can be a rock star when she sings,

And she can see the bright side of anything.

She knows what to say, to brighten up your day.

She's a gamin' girl who's on a mission,

She's not afraid of some healthy competition.

With skill you can't ignore,

She'll get the highest score.

She's gonna spread her wings,

And follow all her dreams.

Oh Helen Henny,

There isn't any quite like Helen Henny.

Oh Helen Henny,

Oh Helen Henny (2x)

He's Mr. Munch[]

He's an interstellar monster from another planet,

Here to make some friends on Earth and try to understand it.

He's a bit intimidating and you can't deny it,

But no need to be afraid he's just a gentle giant.

You might see him hanging with his buddy Chuck E. Cheese,

Or up on stage he might be jammin' on the keys.

He's Mr. Munch,

he's Mr. Munch,

If you want to hear a song, he knows a bunch.

If he's hailing from the planet Purple well, I have a hunch.

He's Mr. Munch,

he's Mr. Munch.

He's Mr. Munch,

he's Mr. Munch,

And it's safe to say he's never late for lunch.

If he's furry, purple, big and friendly, well I have a hunch,

He's Mr. Munch (6x)

Jasper T. Jowls[]

Born on a farm outside of Nashville, Tennessee, now he plays in a band entertaining you and me. He's a finer musician than any dog you ever saw, especially when he plays the bass guitar that he calls "Paw". Making friends and making music, He's gonna give his all, and he loves his best friend Chuck E. More than chasing a tennis ball, Or a flying disc, Or his tail

Jasper T. Jowls, if you should ever need a friend, He's a loyal buddy to the end.

Jasper T. Jowls, The friendly furry music-making dog (2x)

Oh, Oh Pasqually[]

He lives life with such a passion, and he's always decked out in the latest fashion, He's so stunning and his drumming, Is the backbone of the band. You just don't know what you're missin', if you've not tasted his perfection from the kitchen, He's so sunny and so funny, and his mustache is the greatest in the land (Hey!) Ohh Oh Pasqually, His comedy will always make you jolly, if it's punchlines or it's lunchtime, this chef is sure to shine (Hey!)

Ohh Oh Pasqually, He dances to the beat of his own drum, He'll fill your cup without a spill, then chill with Armadillo Phil, And still will make a pizza that's sublime (Hey!)


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  • The song, Oh, Oh Pasqually, marks the first appearance of Pasqually playing an accordion since the 1980s.
  • The song, It's Chuck E., marks the longest lasting return of Charlie Rockit since 1999, and his first appearance in the Rockstar Era. His next appearance would be in A Chuck E. Cheese Afternoon Fun Break Livestream from 2020.
  • It's Chuck E. also marks the return of Bella, the first appearance of her 2nd design, and on that same song, she became a recurring character on
  • These character themes along with Unicorn, Unicorn! and Little Bitty Kitty Cat are the first CEC Originals to not be programmed on an animatronic. The next song would be Ballerina Ghost.


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