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The CU Prototype Stage, also known as the Concept Unification Prototype Stage, was a test stage made to replace The Rock-afire Explosion 3-Stages with the Pizza Time Players. This used a house theme for the stage, similar to the Rocker Stage and C-Stage. In the end, this stage would never be installed in a ShowBiz Pizza Place restaurant.

Rock-afire shows would ultimately be replaced with Concept Unification, creating Munch's Make Believe Band. This band retained desirable elements from The Rock-afire Explosion that the company wanted to keep. These included Fatz Geronimo's strong presence on center stage, Mitzi Mozzarella's appeal to young girls, and the general "band" format.


Designed by Jul Kamen, the Concept Unification Prototype Stage consolidated the three stages from The Rock-afire Explosion into just two stages, merging center stage and stage right into a single large stage. The stage was designed to appear like the interior of a house, which was similar to the "house" theme at existing Chuck E. Cheese stages such as the Rocker Stage and the C-Stage. Pasqually was put on Left Stage, while Helen Henny, Chuck E. Cheese, and Jasper were put on Right Stage. Mr. Munch was put inside a red barrel (originally a trash bin) next to Pasqually. Also, Mr. Munch was the most unique characters in the show, in that five different animatronics would allow him to travel to and from the two stages during showtapes. Center Stage also had a flower pot with the Singing Flowers in them.

It is unknown what happened to the bots after the stage was rejected, but it's most likely they were trashed. CEC Entertainment and ShowBiz Pizza are notorious for destroying their animatronics when they are no longer needed.

Character Conversion[]

In this stage design, most of the Chuck E. Cheese characters were placed on different animatronic bots, which would later be done for Munch's Make Believe Band in Concept Unification.

Rock-afire character CEC character
Looney Bird Mr. Munch
Billy Bob [Not Used]
Mitzi Mozzarella Chuck E. Cheese
Beach Bear Jasper T. Jowls
Fatz Geronimo Pasqually
Dook LaRue Helen Henny
Rolfe DeWolfe [Not Used]
Earl Schmerle [Not Used]
Sun Mr. Munch
Moon Mr. Munch
Antioch Mr. Munch
Choo-Choo Mr. Munch


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