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The CU 2-Stage was a full character special stage type that used 3-Stage characters and props with a 2-Stage-like format. This stage was never installed in a CEC location, but it was used in the Showbiz Pizza Time Corporate Office. It was created to program showtapes for the 3-Stage.


The CU 2-Stage was a programming stage used at the Showbiz Pizza Time Corporate Office to program new 3-Stage shows. Being installed around 1990. Though was turned back into a rockafire to program the final rockafire shows. Before later being turned back into a 3 stage before september that same year. It was originally the Corporate 3-Stage before being changed into the CU 2-Stage sometime between 2002-2004. It would be used for over a decade until 2015 when CEC Entertainment decided to move their headquarters. The stage was taken down and relocated in July 2015. It would later become the 1/3-Stage at the CEC Entertainment Home Office.


Stage Right (Chuck E. Cheese)[]

Chuck E. Cheese was on the right on his own stage. He stood on top of a black triangular pedestal with a TV next to him (referred to as the Jukebox) displaying the showtape footage, a giant star behind him, a neon sign with his name, and a black curtain in the back. There was also a white curtain that could cover the stage.

Center Stage (Helen Henny, Mr. Munch, Jasper T. Jowls, and Pasqually)[]

The right part of center stage was designed to resemble a rooftop at night. The stage contained Helen Henny, Mr Munch on the keyboard along with a sign that had the band's name behind him, and Jasper T. Jowls sitting on a barrel with Beach Bear's guitar. Building and Moon were behind the building backdrop, behind Helen and Jasper respectively. Munch Jr. was placed inside of a barrel between Helen and Munch. Above the stage was The Wink. The left part of center stage had Pasqually the Chef on the drums, and Pizzacam housed in a speaker box. The pair were located on what resembles a standup comedy stage, with a brick wall reading "Pasqually's Amateur Hour" in Grafitti. There was also a white curtain that could cover the left part and right part of center stage.


  • The CU 2-Stage used The Wink animatronic from a cyberamic stage.
  • The "Munch's Make Believe Band" sign was the prototype 3-Stage sign.
  • When it was a 3 stage. It was most likely the 2nd one installed.


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