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The CU 1-Stage is a full character test show that uses 3-Stage characters with a 1-Stage-like format. Most notably, this stage is the only show to use the name Chuck E.'s Make Believe Band.


The CU 1-Stage debuted in September 2010. It was the first new stage with the band since the 1-Stage. It features the animatronics and certain props from the 3-Stage. This stage was originally planned to replace the 3-Stage nationwide, but it was only installed in three locations: Whitehall, Pennsylvania (September 2010), Springfield, Illinois (early 2011), and Columbus, Georgia (late 2011). It is possible that this was stopped due to the Circles of Light stage being made in 2012, and the cost to remove the existing 3-Stage, redo the showroom, and install this stage.

Stage Appearance

The stage takes cues from the 1-Stage with Chuck E. Cheese, Helen Henny, Mr. Munch, Jasper T. Jowls, and Pasqually all sharing a single stage. Behind them are two/three television screens with a park background, all underneath a valence that reads "Chuck E.'s Make Believe Band."

Whitehall, Pennsylvania was the first CU 1-Stage, with the background being at night, and Chuck E. standing a black pedestal. Currently, it's the only one of the 3 to feature an Avenger shirt and the Rockstar jeans, and the Blue explosion drumhead for Pasqually, as well as lacking Jasper's hat. This stage recently put a rainbow banner covering most of the background.

Springfield, Illinois was the second location to receive the stage. It is the last location in Illinois with CEI animatronics, It is also one the last two locations in the state with the Cool Chuck outfit. Springfield features Munch's older latex shoes. as well as as Pasqually's Swirl drumhead; making this location and Billings, Montana the only 2 CEI Stages left to still have it. Out of the 3, Springfield's Stage is the best one in terms of condition.

Columbus, Georgia was the third and final location to receive the stage. It is the only CU 1-Stage to be much lower to the ground than its two predecessors, as well as having a unique barrel for Jasper. Pasqually also lacks an apron, and has a solid white drumhead. This stage is in disrepair.


  • This is the last stage created to feature all 5 Characters.
  • Springfield, IL's CU 1-Stage is the most popular one followed by: Whitehall, PA and Columbus, GA locations.
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