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The CU 1-Stage is a full character special stage type that uses 3-Stage characters with a 1-Stage-like format. Most notably, this stage is the only show to use the name Chuck E.'s Make Believe Band rather than Munch's Make Believe Band.


The CU 1-Stage debuted in September 2010. It was the first new stage with the band since the 1-Stage. It features the animatronics and certain props from the 3-Stage. This stage was originally planned to replace 3-Stage locations that were forced to relocate their showrooms due to remodels/expansions, but it was only installed in three locations: Whitehall, Pennsylvania (September 2010) (Now 2.0), Springfield, Illinois (early 2011), and Columbus, Georgia (late 2011) (Now 2.0). The reason why they stopped being produced was due to the cost to remove the existing 3-Stage, redo and relocate the showroom, and install this stage. This would add more onto the already expensive cost of remodeling a Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant at the time of the three CU 1-Stage installations. Also in early 2012, CEC Entertainment teamed up with Weigl to create the "Circles of Light" Stage Concept. When they showed it to CEC, they were convinced due to it being cheaper than the CU1-Stage. That made CEC put a permanent halt for production for all CU 1-Stages.

After that, all 3 CU 1-Stages would remain in their stores until April 23rd, 2023, when the Columbus, Georgia location would remove their CU 1-Stage. Whitehall would remove their CU 1-Stage on July 12, 2023. Springfield is now the last CU 1-Stage and is going to become a retro store.


Whitehall, Pennsylvania (September 2010 - July 12, 2023)[]

Whitehall's CU 1-Stage was the first to be installed. It featured a night-time background although was covered by a rainbow background from 2021 until late 2022. This stage was removed on July 12, 2023 for the Chuck E. Live Stage.

Springfield, Illinois (Early 2011 - Present)[]

Springfield's CU 1-Stage features a daytime background (one of two to have it, the other being Columbus.), and two TVs mounted to the backdrop wall. On top of the stage, it reads "Chuck E.'s Make Believe Band", as opposed to "Munch's Make Believe Band". Chuck E. wears his rare "Cool Chuck" outfit (the last CU 1-Stage to have it, as Columbus had the Cool Chuck shirt and the Avenger shorts and Whitehall had the Avenger shirt and the Rockstar jeans.). Jasper has his Beach Bear guitar (the only CU 1-Stage to have it, as the others had the Flying Cheese guitar). Pasqually's bass drum has the orange swirl design (the only CU 1-Stage to have it, as Whitehall had the blue explosion design with musical notes, and Columbus had a blank white design.). This will be the only remaining CU 1-Stage after the 2.0 remodel is complete at Springfield Illinois.

Columbus, Georgia (Late 2011 - April 23, 2023)[]

Columbus' CU 1-Stage was the last to be installed, and the first to be removed. It featured a daytime background like Springfield, IL. However, it was in horrible condition.

Current CU 1-Stages[]

Current total: 1

Location Installed Notes
Springfield, Illinois Early 2011 Second CU 1-Stage installed. Cool Chuck outfit. Beach Bear Guitar. Orange Swirl bass drumhead. Last daytime background remaining. Last CU 1-Stage remaining. Chuck and Helen are in decent condition. The others are in poor condition. Will be only remaining CU 1-Stage left after the 2.0 remodel is complete.


  • The CU 1-Stage was the last stage created to feature all five characters, as well as the second (and last) created with CEI bots.
  • The CEC Entertainment Home Office's Entertainment Department programming studio features a 3-Stage and CU 1-Stage Hybrid, known as the 1/3-Stage, which had one single stage and all elements from a 3-Stage except for curtains, the large TV next to Chuck, Munch Jr, and Pizzacam. This stage debuted when CEC Entertainment moved into the space in 2015 from the Showbiz Pizza Time Corporate Office. Building and Moon were added onto the stage in 2019, in which they came from the Houston, Texas (Wesleyan) location, which closed in September 2018.


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