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The C-Stage, also known as Chuck E.'s House Facade, was a house variation of the Balcony Stage. All characters on the C-Stage are half-bodied. All C-Stages were built of pre-existing Balcony Stages.

This was also the final main stage to feature the Pizza Time Players before being converted into Munch's Make Believe Band starting with the 3-Stage.



The C-Stage was possibly conceptualized right after the Rocker was created to push a house theme, while not spending a lot of money taking down pre-existing Balcony Stages. The first C-Stage was installed in San Antonio (Windsor Cross), Texas in 1988.

Installation and History[]

The C-Stage takes the main design and half-bodied Balcony while having the main theme of the Rocker, as mentioned above to possibly push a house theme. No new C-Stage stores were opened, as such most of these stages were made from existing Balcony Stages, with the exception of Huntington Beach, California. As mentioned in the installation manual, it is the first stage "remodel" to be executed by in store cast members as opposed to outside help.[1]

Later on a variant called the Porch C-Stage would be created. It was called the Porch C-Stage because it had a large porch in front of the stage. This variant was only used in a select few locations due to the extra space needed to have the porch.

In the early 1990s this stage was discontinued after the debut of the 2-Stage. Some restaurants did not convert over from the Balcony, so CEC stopped producing it. The remaining C-Stages had the 90's Helen cosmetics to replace the Broadway Helen cosmetics. The last C-Stage was located in Tacoma, Washington; where it was changed to a Studio C Beta in Late 2003.[2]



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