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Birthdays are a major event celebrated at every Chuck E. Cheese location. They celebrate the anniversary of a guest's birth, and parties can be booked at the restaurant.


Once a birthday is reserved, the party takes place in the dining area (formerly the Showroom) at one of the three long tables, which is decorated specially. The guest whose birthday is being celebrated is referred to as the "Birthday Star" and is featured as part of the live Birthday Star Spectacular performance, where Chuck E. comes out to praise them and present their cake. Parties are also guided by the party hosts, who announce the start of the show as well as other birthday activities. Beginning in 2010, the tables are reserved for up to two hours.

The Birthday Star is automatically given 50 free tokens for the arcade while the guests are given 20 each. Some of the goodies offered to the Birthday Star also awarded them extra tokens and tickets. After the token system was replaced with the Play Pass, each guest receives 45 play points or unlimited play and up to 100 bonus e-tickets depending on the chosen package, while the Birthday Star receives up to 3,000.

The Birthday Star originally wore a paper crown and their cake, which is ordered online during reservation, is presented on a pedestal which sat before them on the table, and had a balloon bouquet tied to their chair. In 2008, the pedestal was discontinued and the cake was simply placed before the Birthday Star, who is also given a ceremonial medallion during the Birthday Star Spectacular, as well as a lunchbox with 100 tickets. In 2009, the medallion was changed in design and the Birthday Star is also crowned with an inflatable crown with tokens embedded in it, in addition to a collectible coin bank with 20 extra tokens. When the store revamped in 2012, the child was also called a "Birthday Rock Star" and is gifted an inflatable electric guitar to go along with the theme.

In 2014, the birthday theme was changed, removing the crowns and medallions and going for a new "superhero/princess" theme. The Birthday Star is given a mask or tiara and matching cape upon arrival, depending on their gender. The show mostly remains unchanged. By 2017, this was discontinued and the parties reverted to the original theming. The paper crowns returned to resemble Chuck E.'s ears with a party hat, and the medallions returned in a new design.

Starting in 2010, the Ticket Blaster was introduced, which is only used at reserved parties. The Birthday Star and guests all get free turns in the Ticket Blaster, usually with the Birthday Star going first.

Packages and Offerings[]

Chuck E. Cheese offers three different party packages, each with different presents and goodies offered to the Birthday Star and their guests. When the restaurant rebooted in 2012, the three packages were Star, Super Star, and Mega Super Star, while as of 2017, they were renamed Super Fun, Mega Fun, and Ultimate Fun. Most of the goodies are available in all packages, but some are only available with specific packages. Customizable email invitations are also sent out to the guests. Prices differ depending on the chosen location and how many guests are invited, plus a mandatory $50 entrance fee for the host. Chuck E. Cheese also offers a two-kid "no-show" policy, which does not charge them extra if no more than two guests are unable to come to the party.

The small package is usually the cheapest, and gives a finite amount of tokens or play points to each guest and usually no bonus treats. The middle package offers unlimited play time during the party plus bonus, as well as additional goodies like collectible cups and desserts. The big package is the most expensive, offering the highest amount of tokens or play points possible, plus extra goodies not found in lower packages.