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Birthday Star is a live show that plays through out Chuck E. Cheese locations whenever someone celebrates a birthday. 


Birthday May 1992-December 2021 Version

Chuck E. Cheese & his friends prepare for a very special birthday for someone in the showroom. They get prepared by a cake and candles. The audience then do their little parade of cakes with Chuck E. Cheese in it. Then they all gather around to sing Happy Birthday, and then they sing extra songs for a little entertainment.

Birthday Star April 1994-December 2006

Mr. Mouth tells everyone a important announcement, he told the audience there was someone who was celebrating a birthday today, he says: Who is it?, the audience tells Mr. Mouth, he says: Wow, let's hear it for the guest of honor, the audience cheers, Mr. Mouth calls this for a celebration, he tells the audience to clap and sing, then Chuck E. and his friends come out and sing to the Birthday Star, this is like 1992's version but more of a upbeat hip hop rap like music to it.

Birthday Star January 2001-December 2008

A announcer says it's time to party, then Chuck E. and his friends comes out, then they sing to the Birthday Star, a man says it's someone's birthday today, he don't know it was either a boy or girl, then the band sings the chorus again, Chuck E. to Jump 4 times, he got tired really quickly, then they went back to the chorus again, Chuck E. sings the chorus again 1 time but more of a auto tune sound, Chuck E. says watch out because the cake is here, he told the kids to bake with him, after that, they sing Happy Birthday to You, then the song ends, weirdly this version was kinda different from 2001's Birthday Star, in 2002's version the lyrics go like this: Nah (5x) Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to You (Chuck E. Cheese!)

Birthday 2009 Version

Two kids named Justin and Kelly let everyone in the showroom to be informed that Chuck E. Cheese will be out to celebrate with them, and to do that, everyone had to chant "Chuck E. Cheese"! six times. Then they do a drum roll on the tables. Then Chuck E. asks everyone to give a big round of applause. Then Chuck E. asks Justin and Kelly if they have any crowns for royalty. Chuck E then asks the audience if they're ready to get loud 3 times, and then he draws an invisible line to make 2 teams. One that says happy, while the other says birthday, while clapping after each one, before they all say happy birthday. Then Chuck E. announces that it's finally time to sing Happy Birthday, before the kid then blows out their candles, then the cast members bring out their special medallion. Then they all sing the Birthday Star song, before it's finally time for Chuck E.'s photo ops.

Rockstar Birthday Star

In the Birthday Rockstar 2013 show, It begins with many puppets doing their own pre-show before Mike Manly joins in, where he announces that Chuck E. Cheese will be out to perform a special show for the birthday rockstars. Then he has to ask them to do some funny movements like sticking their tounges out before asking them if their ready. And then they chant "Chuck E. Rocks!" instead of "Chuck E. Cheese"!. Then Charles enters the showroom, and then he wants to greet the birthday people. Then Mr. Munch asks if it's time for cake. Chuck says no, then they do a little air guitar rock contest, Where Jasper T. Jowls comes in and plays too. Then Helen Henny brings out her tiara she made, and Munch thought that she made a cake for him. Then everyone from CEC brought everyone their own medallion like last showtape. Later on, Chuck draws an invisible line with one team saying "Birthdays!", while the other one says "Rock!". Unfortunately, Pasqually coudln't find the missing candles for the cake, before they yell out Cake Time to Munch. And finally, they sing Happy Birthday & The Rockstar Birthday song, before Chuck leaves, he gets photo ops ready.

  • In the Chuck E. Birthday Star 2015 version, an employee announces the amount of time left before the CEC Birthday show, and before they chant "Chuck E. Cheese!" eight times, He asked everyone to do some fun movements. In a few seconds, Chuck E. Cheese gets ready to celebrate. Meanwhile, Helen & Jasper tell the birthday stars to bring up the energy, And then Chuck E. yells "Birthday Fun Check!" when the audience screams, cheers, and claps. After that, Munch & Pasqually announce that it's time to sing birthday star & Happy Birthday. Afterwards, it's time for photo ops.
  • In the Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Star Spectacular 2018, the entire Munch's Make Believe Band tells everyone about their birthdays, along with Matt Daniel giving out the amount of mins until the show, before Chuck E. Cheese came out to wish these stars A "Happy Birthday!" three times. After that, everyone sings the new birthday song & Happy Birthday, before Chuck gets more photo ops with the audience. The 2020 version didn't change much except for it being a webcam in response to the 2020 quarantine.

The Birthday Star Song

The CEC Birthday Star Song first debuted in 1992 with a few changes over the years.

CEC Birthday 1992 Lyrics


Chuck E.: Alright everybody, time to get on your feet and clap your hands!

Pasqually: it’s time for cake!

Munch: and it’s time to celebrate a birthday, Chuck E. Cheese style!

Chuck E.: I say happy, You say birthday, happy

Helen, Munch, Jasper, Pasqually: Birthday!

Chuck E.: Happy

Munch's Make Believe Band: Birthday!

Chuck E.: now Clap your hands, (audience claps 3 times) and stomp your feet (audience stomps their feet 3 times)

All: Your a Birthday Star with Chuck E. Cheese your a special guest we are aim to please, your a big time star going far, here’s to you our birthday star

Chuck E.: I say happy, you say birthday, happy (2x)

MMBB: Birthday! (2x)

Chuck E.: Clap your hands, (audience claps their hands 3 times) and stomp your feet! (audience stomps their feet 3 times)

Jasper and Helen: All these fun games, and all these people are here to wish you the best

Munch: Cause you are the best!

Jasper and Helen: Won’t be long now till, your all grown up

All: But let’s not go ahead that far, today you are a Birthday Star

Chuck E.: I say happy you say birthday happy (2x)

MMBB: birthday (2x)

Chuck E.: Clap your hands, (audience repeats the steps) and stomp your feet (repeats)

Chuck E.: Alright everybody, you all know this part sing along!

All: Happy Birthday to You,

Chuck E.: Yeah!

All: Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday from Chuck E., Happy Birthday to You!

All: Get Ready to blow out your candles!

Jasper: Close those eyes, for ye old tight!

Helen: and make a wish from your heart!

Kids: Take a deep breath!

All: And blow out those candles!

(Everyone cheering)

All: Your a birthday Star at Chuck E Cheese, your a special guest we aimed to please, your a big time big star going far, here's to you our birthday stars (2 times)

Chuck E.: One last time! I say happy you say birthday, happy

All: Birthday

Chuck E.:Happy

Chuck E: This is Chuck E. Cheese Wishing Ya the very best!

All: Happy birthday from Chuck E, Happy birthday to you!

(Everyone cheering)

Chuck E.: Happy Birthday!

These lyrics remained the same from 1994 until 2001. But In 2003, CEC Did a new birthday song with original verses and singing patty cake bakers man. In 2009, The original song returned but as a shorter version. A rockstar version was made to comply with the new Rockstar Chuck E, But in 2015, massive changes came to the song. In 2018, The original song was changed with It's time to dance, play air guitar, rocking out you birthday star, Put your hands up with Chuck E Cheese, move em left & right & freeze. And I Like to party with chuck e cheese was added as well.



  • The Birthday star's name is revealed in Birthday 2009's version


Birthday Star from 1995

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