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Billy Bob (full name: Billy Bob Brockali) was the main character/mascot of the ShowBiz Pizza Place chain and company. He was also the bassist and one of the singing bears in The Rock-afire Explosion.


Billy Wilbur & The Hard Luck Bears (1979-1980)[]

Billy Bob first debuted in 1979 as a character called Billy Wilbur in The Hard Luck Bears. The Hard Luck Bears were a group of singing bears, and the successor to the Bear Country Jubilee. Their stage was divided into three sections, with Billy Wilbur placed in center stage.

Billy Wilbur had a similar design to Billy Bob, but had dark brown (later light brown) fur, light blue overalls, and a different bird. Billy Wilbur, just like Billy Bob, was voiced by Aaron Fechter.

Billy Wilbur and the rest of The Hard Luck Bears players were retired in 2000 when Fantasilandia, Chile removed their stage. Billy Wilbur can still be found at Knoebels in Elysburg, PA, though he isn't operational. In 1980, during the creation of The Rock-afire Explosion, everyone's favorite bear Billy Bob would be created.

The Rock-afire Explosion & ShowBiz Pizza Place (1980-1992)[]

The New Rock-afire Explosion (1992-1996)[]

Independent Shows & Stores[]

Physical Description[]

Billy Wilbur[]

Billy Bob (Early RAE)[]

Billy Bob (RAE)[]

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  • In his first appearance, Billy Bob was instead named Billy Wilbur.



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