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Bella Bunny is a bunny character who first appeared in Show 1 2018 in the song "Bailando". Bella is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish, and she is the most recent member of Munch's Make Believe Band, officially joining the band in 2020.


Bella was created by Matt Daniel, and designed by Andy Haward, the builder of the Chuck E. Cheese puppets. Bella was created to teach the Spanish language to kids. The reason for Bella's increased prominence in CEC is unknown, but more than likely to add another female character in marketing, as well as to represent the Hispanic community in the company. Bella plays the tambourine in artwork and songs, and she is also shown to play acoustic guitar. Bella enjoys tending her garden, which depending on the appearance, could be a smaller garden, or a mixed-acre garden. She also appears to have some minor experience in auto repair, as she assists Pasqually in fixing a flat tire on the band's truck in the Summer Road Trip video.

In 2018, Bella, along with Helen, were attending school of an unknown grade, as mentioned in the original version of "Bailando", though since her redesign and voice change, Bella's education has never been mentioned further, the intro cut out from the remake. This currently has left her age currently ambiguous, similar to the other characters throughout history.

Physical Appearance

Initially, Bella was a brown rabbit with darker brown hair, blue eyes, a pink jacket, a blue skirt, and a flower in her hair. Her updated appearance introduced in 2019 upscaled her head, changed her eyes to brown, made her fur lighter brown, changed her hair color to match her fur color, and changed her outfit to a pink shirt beneath a pair of yellow overalls with her name on them. When transitioned to CGI in 2021, she was also given pink sneakers with pastel pink socks. Her brown hair was brought back as well, though styled differently. The flower in her hair was made larger than the puppet's, and the overalls feature metal holders holding the straps, as opposed to fabric holders like the puppet. The design became the standard for all forms of media, except for the puppet which has not changed as of 2024.


  • Bella became a recurring character in Show 3 2019, and she was made an official band member a year later.
  • Bella is the first character to be added to the main lineup since Helen was permanently added in 1983. She is also the first main character to lack an animatronic due to being introduced in the midst of the company phasing out animatronic shows.
  • It was thought by fans that Bella was voiced by Caroline Taylor in "Bailando". In late 2022, however, the character's voice was discovered to have been provided by Vanessa Marroquin.[1] As of now, her voice actress from 2019-present is currently unknown.
  • Bella is the second female member of the band after Helen Henny.
  • Bella has received mixed reception from fans since her debut.
  • Some friends of Bella were mentioned in "Chuck E. Cheese Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month". These include "Natalia", and "Hugo". Their exact relations and species are unknown, as they were merely mentioned by name.
  • Members of Bella's family included her unnamed mother and father and her unnamed younger brother shown in childhood flashbacks in "Holiday Fiesta", and a cousin named Marci, mentioned in the aforementioned Hispanic Heritage Month video.


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