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The Balcony Stage was an animatronic stage setup found in Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre locations. It was the first commonplace stage, and was installed in stores from 1980 to 1986. It was also the 2nd stage to introduce the Cyberamic animatronics, which would be used on other future stages.



During the Pizza wars between Pizza Time Theatre and Showbiz, PTT decided they needed to change the stage show in order to improve the focus on the show by placing the characters on a single stage. The character cosmetics were now made of wood, foam, and cloth instead of latex; Along with the standardization of the inner mechs, this was all done purposely to ease both the manufacturing of the animation and make the production cost effective.

Stage History[]

The First Balcony was installed in May 1980 at the second Chuck E. Cheese's location in San Jose, California. As mentioned above: Mr. Munch, Jasper T. Jowls, Chuck E. Cheese, the Guest Star, and Pasqually all on the stage with The Warblettes on the right side, and the Clapper and Band Board on each side of the stage. Underneath the stage was a Maze called "Mr. Munch's Madhouse" but the entrances were boarded up later on.

The Mech between Chuck E. and Pasqually was changeable to be a different character depending on the location such as Madame Oink and Harmony Howlette. The Stage also had changeable backgrounds depending on the guest star on the stage. In 1984, locations began installing Helen Henny after she became a permanent character.

Starting in 1988, most Balcony Stages began to be phased out in favor of the C-Stage, except for 3 Balconies at that time were turned into Rocker Stages. The rest were converted into the 2-Stage[1], 1-Stage, and Road Stages in the 1990s.

The last Balcony Stage was located at the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada location. Edmonton was the penultimate Pizza Time Theatre to open, as well as being the second last store opened with a Balcony Stage. Edmonton would open in November 1985 and replace their Balcony Stage in 1993 with a 2-Stage, making the last Balcony Stage extinct. Edmonton would close not long after, being shut down in 1995 making it extinct in both the USA and Canada.


  • A stage variant of this stage dubbed the Lake Forest Stage, and is was a combination of the shelf and balcony stage.



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