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Bailando is a Spanish/English song performed by Bella & Rockstar Helen. The girls sang it on Show 1 2018, And later found on an Afternoon Fun Break about Girl Power, but mostly dedicating to them.


Bella feels happy that "Happy" that Helen Henny showed her around the school, and Bella mentions that it sometimes feels hard being a new kid in the child's campus, as you might not fit in and make new friends, Helen adds that it can be bad and sometimes scary. But Bella mentions that "Bailando", which means dancing in Spanish, makes her feel better, as she and Helen sing the song together. Chuck E. makes cameos along the way.


Sometimes, I feel like I'm having a bad day, Or maybe feeling a sad way, And I could break down and cry. Sometimes, The world can feel like a hard place, I feel a frown upon my face, And I don't even know why But when I'm feeling blue, I know what to do, I Just feel the groove, And I Start to move


One Time, My Day at school was just rotten, My Homework I had forgotten, My sky was cloudy and grey. Then I, Got A Strain on my Dress then, I got in a fight with my best friend, And nothing was going my way. But When I'm feeling blue, I know what to do, I just feel the groove, And I start to move


Sometimes, You Feel the weight of your Problems, And don't really know how to solve them, They feel much bigger than you. Sometimes, You feel yourself feeling down and, Nothing can turn it around and, There's nothing left you can do

But when you're feeling blue, you know what to do, you just feel the groove, and you start to move




  • This song marks the first appearance of Bella, However, once her second design was revealed on Show 3, 2019, Bailando (as of 2021) would no longer play on the showtapes, as Bella had an American accent in that song, and received some sort of Latin accent in Play All You Can Play.
  • This is also the first song to have the same actor portray two characters in the Rockstar Era. The last time this happened was in 1998, 20 years prior to this
  • Nigel and Ronnie can be found in the music video, a year before them living together, would be a thing, which happened on their show in the aforementioned show-tape.
  • This marks the return of Justin Beaver since 2015, but would return two years later


Bella (Debut)