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Artie Antlers was a Cabaret act from the Pizza Time Theatre era of Chuck E. Cheese. He was a piano-playing Moose who would play classical rock.


Artie debuted in 1980 and was voiced by Jim Cunningham. He would use the same animatronic as Dolli Dimples (minus the chest movement) and would replace her in some locations. Artie’s antlers were originally be made of wood, but would later be replaced with Styrofoam as they kept breaking.[1]

Artie would be used in a lot of Pizza Time Theatre merchandise. However, he only had one showtape[2] and would soon be replaced by B.B. Bubbles in some locations.


  • Artie was originally named Moose John.[3]
  • Artie made a cameo in the 2017 version of Every Boy, Every Girl.[4]
  • Aspects of Artie were used in ideas for considered retrofits, such as a Davy Crockett themed retrofit for Artie and a lumberjack retrofit for The King, but these ideas never made it past the concept stage.[5]



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