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Segment 1[]

  • Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please welcome to the stage someone very special! It's the star of our show, Chuck E. Cheese!

(Audience applause; Help! starts playing.)

Segment 2[]

(The music to First Impression begins playing.)

Segment 3[]

  • Announcer: All right, kiddos! It's time to welcome the star of our show back to the stage! He's coming back out to sing for you, so let's show him some love! Yeah! Here he is: Chuck E. Cheese!

(Audience applauds; Dreamin' starts playing.)

  • Chuck E.:

(Song ends; hold for applause as Chuck E. yawns, ending his dreams and waking up for real this time.)

  • Pasqually: Eh, those are some a-weird dreams.
  • Munch: I always dream about the same thing.
  • Chuck E.: We know, Munch...
  • Chuck E. and Pasqually: Pizza!
  • Munch: Yeah!
  • Jasper: I had a really strange dream the other night; it was about my grandma.
  • Pasqually: Huh. Oh, yeah? Well, tell us about it, Jasper!
  • Jasper: I wrote a song about it. You wanna hear it?
  • Others: Sure!

(Rockin' Grandma starts playing.)

Segment 4[]

  • Announcer: Boys and girls, please welcome to the stage the star of our show: Chuck E. Cheese!

(Audience applauds.)

  • Chuck E.: Thank you! Folks, you are too kind!

(Eight Days a Week starts playing.)