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The April 2002 Show is a showtape that played at CEC Locations through out April 2002 to June 2002. This show has the same setup as September 2000, and January 2001.

Show List[]

Segment 1[]

Intermission 1[]

  • CECTV ID - Singing Animals
  • The Tube Explorer
  • VeggieTales: "We Need A Hero"
  • Jonah Movie Trailer
  • VeggieTales: "The Moo Shoo Song"
  • CECTV ID - Blender

Segment 2[]

Intermission 2[]

  • Baking With Betty
  • Eddie Coker: "The Woo Woo Dance"
  • Raining Balls (Studio C Only)

Segment 3[]

Intermission 3[]

  • Super Jasper
  • Trout Fishing In America: "I Can Dance"
  • CECTV ID - Blender

Segment 4[]

Intermission 4[]

  • Carl & Phil Monkey Ninjas: Episode 2
  • Time To Fly! (Studio C Only)


  • At the very end of "Go To Chuck E Cheese", Chuck E yells "Come on Rob!!!". A reference to the Department 18 Production Manager at the time, Robert Gotcher.



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