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Hello, Welcome to the Chuck E. Cheese wiki! This wiki is dedicated to all things Chuck E. Cheese and documenting the chain's history, as well as our own history. Our goal is to have a place to archive everything on CEC's side and to have a place for newcomers or people outside the Chuck E. Cheese community to learn about the characters, and other things related to CEC.

In order to maintain the integrity of this site, please abide by the following:

General Rules

This is a list of general rules that all users must follow on the Chuck E. Cheese Wiki. If a user violates a rule they will be banned based on the wiki's blocking policy.

  1. Remember what this wiki is for: Chuck E. Cheese! Do not contribute questionable content (i.e. language, graphic content, nsfw).
  2. Please do not add political content to the Chuck E. Cheese Wiki as it may offend other users.
  3. Please do not put your fan-fictions, fan videos, or otherwise fan-created content on this site's pages. This is a database, not a fanfiction website, and they will be removed. References to animatronics owned by individuals will be deleted.
  4. Do not Plagiarize. Adding information about Chuck E. Cheese is good, but stealing your information isn't.
  5. As with any other website, harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
  6. Please do not add content about other media. This is an exclusively CEC wiki.
  7. Spam will be removed, and bans will be placed upon those who vandalize the wiki.
  8. Do not leave pages unfinished or with very little info! They will be deleted in 24 hours after the last edit.
  9. Adding random links to pages are not allowed and will be removed.
  10. Please do not add or make random categories. Most of these only apply to a couple of pages and aren't needed.
  11. Falsely reporting users is not tolerated, and will result in a ban.


  1. Do not add vast quantities of images to main pages. Use a gallery page instead, and if there is not one, create it. The same goes for credits pages and transcripts.
  2. Do not add vast quantities of red links to pages. Red links can confuse people and can make a page look unfinished.
  3. Quality edits only: Quality edits are recognized as having few grammar/spelling mistakes, it is ok if there are some, as long as they eventually get fixed. If you make over two edits of low quality you will be banned for low quality editing.
  4. Use the Missing.jpg for missing images.
  5. Please add links to your new pages. Without these links nobody will be able to find your page and it will become an orphaned page. These pages can't be found by others and are more likely to be deleted.


  1. Please do not edit/vandalize other users' talk pages. Talk pages are meant for a user to tell others more about themselves, not you.
  2. Do not make comments or send messages to discussions over 90 days old. If you want to ask a question you should make a new post about it.