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A Visit from St. Nicholas, more commonly known as The Night Before Christmas and Twas the Night Before Christmas from its first line, is a poem, first published anonymously in 1823 and generally attributed to Clement Clarke Moore, though the claim has also been made that it was written by Henry Livingston, Jr.

A variation was used as part of the Chuck E's Magical Holiday Celebration showtapes from 1995-1997. It is narrated by Chuck E., with his friends joining in at some points.


Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the store,
Not a creature was sleeping, 'cause Munch likes to snore! (Munch: Ah, cut it out, you guys...)
Helen and Jasper were just laying back,
And good old Pasqually had whipped up a snack.
Then I grabbed some tokens and everyone came
With pizza and drinks for a nice friendly game.

When out in the lot there arose such a clatter,
We stopped whacking Munches to see what was the matter.
Away to the front door we flew like a flash,
Bumped into each other, and fell with a crash!
Then Jasper looked up and yelled, "What do you know?
The whole parking lot is covered with snow!"
Then we all ran to see but we couldn't because,
The doorway was blocked by my friend...

He looked to be tired like a man with jet lag;
His eyes didn't sparkle, and his feet seemed to drag.
He said he was almost through dropping off his toys,
To all of the world's best behaved girls and boys.
"But Chuck E., I'm hungry! And a little tired, too!
Do you think I could rest and share a pizza with you?"

So we brought him a drink and a slice with the works,
Which he ate in a second then turned with a jerk.
And his sack full of presents was suddenly there,
And Santa was pulling out presents to spare.

A derby for Chuck E., some pants for Pasqually.
For Helen, a bonnet all trimmed up with holly.
For Jasper, a beautiful little brown pup.
"And this is for Munch, if he ever wakes up.
And I've got one more present for you guys tonight,
Because you make every day happy and bright!"

And then we heard singing, a beautiful song.
And into the restaurant marching along,
Came dozens of friends, people like you!
Who make each day at Chuck E.'s a dream coming true!

The noise woke up Munch, who came in with a yawn,
And I told him, "Here's Santa!" But Santa was gone.
Munch opened his present and said with a tear,
"With friends like you, Christmas can last all the year!"

Then he grabbed him a pizza, for some cheese gave a whistle
And the whole thing disappeared like the down of a thistle.
Then he sat as he wiped off his hands on his shirt --
"Happy Christmas to all! Now, what's for dessert?"