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The 2-Stage Live Stage is a full character show installed at Northridge, California on November 10, 2023. It is the first legacy store of five. Legacy stores retain their previous stages, but they add a live stage, along with 2.0 décor.


2-Stage Design[]

The 2-Stage features Chuck E. on the side with the star behind him, lights, and curtains. The rest of the band are on their stage full-bodied, and with the rooftop and brick wall similar to the 3-Stages. Munch had his 3-Stage Keyboard, while Jasper is sitting on a speaker. Between Chuck E. and Helen is a TV playing the current showtape, above is the fiber optic sign reading "Chuck E. Cheese" whenever it flashes. The Wink is above the stage.

Chuck E. Live Stage Design (2021 Model)[]

The Chuck E. Live Stage is a flat dance floor with a thin black border, and a video wall.




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