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The 2-Stage is a full character show produced from 1992-1997, and the second Cyberamic show to feature Munch's Make Believe Band, and the first to feature full-body Cyberamic animatronics for all the members. Most locations with these stages originated as Pizza Time Theater Locations.



The 2-Stage was most likely thought of after SPT realized that the Road Stage was becoming expensive to maintain, and to make a process to convert all Pizza Time Theater locations to Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza locations faster.


The Prototype 2-Stage (also known as the 2/3-Stage) was first installed in February 1992 in White Settlement, Texas. These versions looked really similar to its 3-Stage counterpart with Chuck E. on the side with the star behind him and with his own stage, lights, and curtains, while the rest of the band are on their stage full-bodied and with the rooftop and brick wall similar to the 3-Stages. Munch had his 3-Stage Keyboard and a much larger body compared to the finalized design, and Jasper was sitting on a Barrel. Between Chuck E. and Helen was the TV (referred to as the jukebox) playing the current showtape, above was the fiber optic sign reading "Chuck E. Cheese" whenever it flashes, the wink is above the stage. This location has since closed.

Windcrest, Texas was most likely the second location to receive this stage as it looks like the finalized 2-Stage but kept Jasper's Barrel, and the 3-Stage looking buildings. It also had Chuck E. standing on a small platform. This location closed in December 2005 and relocated with a Studio C Beta.

Merced, California was the third location to receive the 2-Stage, and it resembled Windcrest's installation, with the small platform under Chuck E. returning, As well as Jasper's barrel, and the 3-Stage buildings. Merced would close in 1995 and would send their prototype 2-Stage to the Chesapeake (Sam's Circle), Virginia location for their opening in December 1996. Sam's Circle would remove Merced's 2-Stage on July 12, 2023, as a result of their 2.0 Remodel. Merced / Sam's Circle's 2-Stage was saved and collected by SPT Distribution and sent to the SPT Distribution warehouse in Topeka, Kansas.

Finalized 2-Stage

Most 2-Stages introduced starting from White Settlement and San Antonio were built from existing Balcony, C, or Rocker Stages. This involved installing new leg assemblies and giving Munch and Pasqually new arm mechanisms to play the instruments, as such many locations with 2-Stages were originally Pizza Time Theater locations.[1] Other changes include the buildings looking more unique, Chuck's small stand being removed, and Japer sitting on a speaker (which was a fake painted speaker.). After replacing the Rocker Stage, C-Stage, and Road Stage as the standard Cyberamic stage installation (the 2-Stage would also replace all three prior stages in many locations), the first location to open with a 2-Stage was Herndon, Virginia in May 1992 (Herndon currently features a Studio C Beta, 16M. Which it received in 2007.); afterwards several stores opened with the 2-Stage until late 1993, by that time more new stores started opening with 1-Stages, although 3 stores would open with the 2-Stage in 1996 and in 1997 (the Guatemala City (Liberacion), Guatemala location, which opened in 1996, featured a 3-Stage and a 2-Stage, and the Virgina Beach, Virgina Location. (Formely a Showbiz Pizza Place, Now 2.0.) Although Guatemala's 2-Stage was removed in 2010, and the 3-Stage was kept until they closed in 2016.). Most known installations are from locations that opened with the 2-Stage, or stores that had a previous stage that had documentation of its replacement for the 2-Stage, the rest being converted to 2 stages starting sometime in 1992 and ending in 1997 . As for 2 Stages being replaced with other animatronic stages , that started in the late 90's and ended in 2012.

During the 1990s, 2000s, and early 2010s, some 2-Stages were changed into 1-Stages to reduce space, some 1-Stages were also made from leftover 2-Stage parts. Some early 1-Stage store openings featured 2-Stage props on their stage, and some Road Stages that converted to 1-Stages utilized 2-Stage props.

From a total of 100 installations, as of May 2024, 4 2-Stages remain, 3 in the United States (2 in California, 1 in Maryland), and 1 in Canada.

Stage Locations

Here is a list of every 2-Stage location. Listed below is the last 2-Stage in every state/country.

Last in the State

Including Current 2-Stages
State/Country City Opened Added Condition Status
Alaska Anchorage 1982 1993 Only MMBB in Alaska, Last CEC Remaining in Alaska after Fairbanks Closed Replaced by Studio C Beta in 2006.
Connecticut Waterbury 1992 1992 Decent Condition, Munch had Unique Keyboard Front, Jasper sits on Speaker. Closed on June 25, 2020.
Chile Santiago (Mall Plaza Vespucio) 1996 1996 Only 2 stage In Chile, Originally from Rochester NY(Penfield), Decent Condition, Jasper sitting on real speaker, The stage Lacks the TV between Chuck E and Helen. Closed in 2000, Sent to Plaza Oeste to be Converted into a 1/2 Stage.
Canada Willowdale (North york/Toronto) Ontario 1983 1993 Last 2 stage outside of the USA, Last international Pizza time theatre in existance, Decent Condition, Chuck E had Rockstar Jeans, Jasper has PTT Mask, Pasqually has Purple Drumfront Still in operation
California Northridge 1981 1993 Good Condition, Will stay permanantly, Chuck E Had Rockstar attire and his ears are lifted (Note: Huntington beach will relocate in fall of 2024) Still in operation
Florida Miami 1993 1993 Good Condition, Chuck had rare "Cool Chuck" outfit, Pasqually had orange drumset. Received 2.0 in April 2022.
Guatemala Guatemala City 1996 1996 Only 2-Stage in Guatemala, Rarely used, Good Condition, Originally from either a US or Canada location. Removed in 2010.
Illinois Tinley Park 1989 1994 Decent Condition, Chuck had rare "Cool Chuck" outfit, Jasper sits on speaker, Pasqually has white drumset, last Cyberamic stage in Illinois. Received 2.0 in November 2023.
Kentucky Florence 1982 2003 Only 2-Stage in Kentucky, Decent Condition, Chuck had rare "Cool Chuck" outfit, Jasper had PTT latex mask, Pasqually had red drumset, Last MMBB in Kentucky. Received 2.0 in March 2022.
Louisiana Bossier City 1992 1992 Only 2-Stage in Louisiana, Good Condition, Chuck had rare "Cool Chuck" outfit, Pasqually had blue drumfront. Closed in May 2013.
Massachusetts Worcester 1992 1992 Good Condition, Pasqually had red drumset. Received 2.0 in October 2021.
Michigan Lansing 1992 1992 Decent Condition, Chuck had Rockstar Jeans, Pasqually had red drumset. Received 2.0 in August 2023.
Maryland Annapolis 1993 1993 Decent Condition, No pasqually's amateur hour backdrop behind pasqually, Last MMBB in Maryland Still in operation
Nevada Reno 1992 1992 Only 2-Stage in Nevada. Replaced by 1-Stage in 1993/94.
New Hampshire Newington 1983 1996 Decent Condition, Chuck had rare "Cool Chuck" outfit. Closed on March 31, 2018.
New Jersey Cherry Hill 1992 1992 Good Condition, Chuck had Rockstar Jeans. Received 2.0 in August 2023.
New Mexico Albuquerque 1981 1993 Only MMBB in New Mexico, Decent Condition, Munch had 90s hat, Pasqually had CU Drumfront, Stage had lighting on city backdrop. Received 2.0 in September 2022.
New York Patchogue 1993 1993 Last 2-Stage in New York, Great condition. Replaced by Studio C Beta in the 2000's,
Ohio Sharonville 1992 1992 Poor Condition, Chuck had rare "Cool Chuck" shirt and Rockstar Jeans, Munch had 90s hat. Received 2.0 in October 2019.
Oregon Portland 1982 1994 Poor Condition, Last Cyberamic stage in the state. Closed on October 12, 2020.
Pennsylvania Erie 1992 1992 Poor Condition. Received 2.0 in October 2023.
Texas Arlington 1980 1996 Decent Condition, Munch had 90s hat, Pasqually had black drumset, Helen had yellow hair. Received 2.0 in November 2022.
Virginia Chesapeake 1996 1996 Good Condition, Chuck had full avenger's outfit Received 2.0 in July 2023.
Washington Spokane 1983 1993 Only 2-Stage in Washington State. Relocated to Lynnwood to convert into a Cyberamic 3-Stage. (Now closed) Closed in March 2000 and relocated the same month of that year.


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