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The 1/3-Stage is a 1-Stage with props and characters from a 3-Stage. This stage has not been installed in a CEC location, but it is currently used in the CEC Entertainment Home Office. It was created to program showtapes for the 3-Stage.


The 1/3-Stage is a programming stage used at the CEC Entertainment Home Office to program new 3-Stage shows. It was originally the CU 2-Stage before being changed into the 1/3-Stage in July 2015. It was created when the CU 2-Stage was relocated from the Showbiz Pizza Time Corporate Office to the new CEC Entertainment Home Office.


The 1/3-Stage uses a 1-Stage stage with the props from a 3-Stage (Except the TV that separates Chuck E. from the rest of "Munch's Make Believe Band"). This stage uses the CEI Chuck E. Cheese, Helen Henny, Jasper T. Jowls, Mr. Munch, and Pasqually animatronics as well as the prop animatronics Building and Moon. Notably, The Wink used on this stage is a cyberamic wink animatronic.


  • The "Munch's Make Believe Band" sign was the prototype 3-Stage sign.


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