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The 1-Stage is a full character stage setup produced and installed in Chuck E. Cheese's restaurants from 1992-1998. It is the third and final Cyberamic show to feature Munch's Make Believe Band before the Studio C conversion.



The 1-Stage was possibly conceptualized after the 2-Stage's debut as a smaller version of it to not take up too much of the showroom, and to be cheaper and faster to install in a lot of stores.

First Prototype/Mini Unit 1-Stage

The Prototype 1-Stage (more commonly known as the Mini Unit 1-Stage) debuted in 1992 at Waldorf, Maryland. As the name implies, the characters share 1 floor space to have the stage smaller. The rooftop setting and buildings are more vibrant compared to the 2 and 3-Stages, with more color and design than just grey and rectangles. Along with those, two brick walls were placed behind Chuck E. and Pasqually. Chuck's side has the fiber optic sign in black, and a red rope light replacing the 2-Stage star. Pasqually's side has the graffiti on the wall saying "Pasqually's Amateur Hour Live" instead of just "Pasqually's Amateur Hour". The "Munch's Make Believe Band Sign" which is Pink on this stage, hangs above Pasqually's brick wall. Interestingly, some locations had Munch in front of a TV with the showtape footage playing behind him instead of the MMBB Sign, (although, some locations have the band sign there), and Jasper sitting on a unique amplifier. Finally, instead of a curtain valence, there is a wall piece. This design was later installed at the restaurants in Columbus, Ohio; and Lancaster, California (the former being gutted, and the latter now closed).

Second Prototype

Another 1-Stage prototype was installed in 1993 at Irving Texas. It looks more like the final 1-Stage, however, with a few major differences. A Singing Flower was in-between Helen and Munch, Chuck E.'s tube next to his fiber optic sign was a red hanging light, and the band wore costumes and was nicknamed Munch's Party-time Band. Helen wore a roller-skating suit with yellow hair, Mr. Munch wore a tie, Jasper wore punk rock pants, and Pasqually wore a baseball suit. Later, the location was a 1-Stage with a Rain curtain blocking the turntable.

The '1/2 Stage or The 1 Stage With 2 Stage Props"

Before the finalized 1-Stage was created, a version was made using spare 2-Stage backgrounds, that fans have dubbed as the 1/2 Stage, as it was a 2-Stage without the fiber-optic sign and TV. The last location to have this stage is Mall Plaza Oeste, Chile (albeit with the star and Pasqually sign missing), as all other Locations that had this stage either closed down or got the 2.0 remodel.

Finalized Version

When the finalized 1-Stage debuted, a few changes were made: Pasqually's "Amateur Hour Live" Graffiti was removed after the San Diego (Sports Arena) stage was installed[1], a curtain valence was installed, and the speaker Jasper sat on was redesigned. Shortly afterwards, a version only installed in stores during mid-1993 had the fiber optic sign changed to look more like the 2-Stage version; however CEC went back to the black one in late 1993. The 1-Stage also became the default stage at this point.

1994 saw the addition of lift curtains for the first time, and a turntable at some locations. The turntable was used to hide the animatronic Chuck E. so kids wouldn't be confused for due to Chuck not having his own curtains. It would start to be disabled in 2005 along with the curtains due to orders from CEC Entertainment to save money. The last location to have a working Turntable was the Pearl City, Hawaii Location, but around 2015/2016 the Chuck E. animatronic was permanently put towards the backstage room due to its poor condition. The turntable was also disabled and a flat screen TV was put onto the turntable wall. They also removed the rain curtain, and put the Chuck E. Cheese Neon Sign in between Jasper and Pasqually. As of August 2023, they still have their Turntable 1-Stage, although it's in very poor condition.

1-Stages would continue to be installed in new stores up until July 20, 1998 when the last 1-Stage store opened in Mentor, Ohio. Afterwards, it was replaced by Studio C, at the Canton Ohio location days later. However, one 1-Stage store opened in January 2011 in Santiago (Plaza Oeste), Chile, although theirs came from a store, Santiago (Mall Plaza Vespucio), Chile, that had a 2-Stage and had closed 11 years prior (Mall Plaza Vespucio opened in 1996 and closed in 2000 with a 2-Stage and converted their 2-Stage to a 1-Stage for Plaza Oeste's opening). Pico Rivera, California also converted their 2-Stage into a 1-Stage during the 2011 remodel, along with National City California converting theirs in December 2012 during an expansion. Citrus Heights, California received 1-Stage pieces from the Rohnert Park, California store, which replaced the 1-Stage with a Circles of Light in 2015. Citrus Heights still uses their old Road Stage platform as the stage base, while Rohnert Park still has their Circles of Light Stage.

From around 60 1-Stages during 2015; Currently, 8 1-Stages remain in operation in the U.S. and 2 in Chile, having 10 1-Stages altogether.[2]

Last 1 Stages in the State

Including current 1 stages
State City Opening Installed Notes Status
Arizona Tucson 1995 1995 Only 1 stage in Arizona, Good Condition, Jasper had PTT Shirt, Chuck had Turntable Closed in October 2014
California La Mesa 1993 1993 Poor Condition, Chuck had Rockstar Jeans Still In Operation
Connecticut Newington 1991 1995 Good Condition, Chuck had Rockstar shirt and jeans, Last MMBB in Conneticut, Last animatronic show in the state Received 2.0 in September 2022
Florida Lakeland 1993 1993 Only 1 stage in Florida, Good condition, Had 2 stage backdrops Closed in 2006
Georgia Jonesboro 1990 1994/1995 One of the 2 1 stages in Georgia Replaced by Studio C in 2000
Illinois Chicago (Fullerton) 1993 1993 Good Condition, Last 1 stage to have side to side curtains, Pasqually have white drumfront Received 2.0 in 2022
Massachussets North Darmouth 1994 1994 Good Condition, Chuck had latex feet, Last MMBB in Massachussets Received 2.0 in 2023
Maryland Bel Air 1993 1993 Good Condition, Had 2 stage Backdrops, Pasqually has CU drumfront Received 2.0 in 2019
Michigan Pontiac 1993 1993 Only 1 stage in Michigan Closed in 2008
Missouri Springfield 1994 1994 Decent Condition, Pasqually has white drumfront, Chuck had rare Cool Chuck outfit Received 2.0 in 2023
North Carolina Durham 1994 1994 Poor Condititon, Last Cyberamic stage in North Carolina Still in Operation
New York Hicksville 1994 1994 Good Condition, Will stay Permanantly, Chuck E. has Rockstar Jeans, Last MMBB in New York Still in Operation
New Jersey Middletown 1994 1994 Good Condition, Chuck Had Turntable, Pasqually had plain white drumfront Received 2.0 in 2024
Nevada Reno 1992 1993/1994 Only MMBB in Nevada, Poor Condition, Chuck had Rockstar Shirt, Had 2 stage Backdrops, Pasqually had white drumfront Received 2.0 in 2022
Ohio Toledo (Airport HWY) 1993 1993 Good Condition, Chuck Had Rockstar Shirt Still in Operation
Penslyvania Levittown 1990 1993-1994 Good Condition, Chuck E .had Rockstar Jeans, Munch has sunrise Key Board Closed in 2020
Rhode Island Warick 1990 Early-mid 1994 One of the two installed in New England to have a Turntable Closed in November 1994
Tennesse Knoxville 1998 1998 Only 1 Stage in Tennesse, Good Condition, Last MMBB stage in Tennesse Received 2.0 in 2022
Texas Amarillo 1994 1994 Good Condition, Chuck Had Rare Cool Chuck Outfit, Last MMBB in Texas Still in Operation
Utah Sandy 1996 1996 Only 1 Stage installed in Utah, Good Condition, Chuck, Munch, Jasper and Pasquallly had Rare Masks Closed in 2014
Wisconsin Milwaukee 1983 1994 Poor Condition, Chuck e Had Turntable and had Rare cool Chuck outfit Still In Operation
Washington Bellevue 1996 1996 Only 1 stage in Washington, Decent Condition, Pasqually had CU Drumfront, Chuck Had Turntable, Last MMBB In Washington Still in Operation

International Locations

Country City Opening Installed Notes Status
Chile Las Condes 1994 1994 Poor Condition, Chuck had Avenger Cap, Pasqually Had white drumfront Still In operation
Chile Plaza Oseste 2011 2011 Last 1 stage installed, Decent Condition, Chuck Had Avenger Cap Still In Operation
Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1990 Mid 90s Only 1 stage in Canada Closed in 2001


  • This was the last stage to feature two things:
  • Due to its simple and small design, it's currently the most common MMBB Stage.
  • One of the buildings at the former Waldorf, Maryland 1-Stage featured the Coca-Cola logo.
  • The 1-Stage appeared in the Nintendo DS version of Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games, as part of the "Rhythm Revue" minigame.
  • A unique 1-Stage was present at the Staten Island, NY location. It had a very different background and stage design, among other things.



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